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A light bodied white wine, fruit flavors of apple, mandarin orange and lemon with aromas of honey and apple blossom, a small batch production.


This rich red Bordeaux blend was barreled in new French Oak for 20 months and has an intense dark berry nose entwined with caramel. Subtle smoky undertones linger on the tongue. For red wine lovers, we dare you to drink just one glass! Suggest to serve at cellar temp (60 degrees).


Sourced from a local grower, true to the fruit wine rich in color and flavor. Fermented in stainless steel and complimented with hints of french oak at the end, no grapes are involved in the process. Pairs well with sharp cheeses and rich chocolates.


A unique dessert style wine with 10% residual sugar derived completely from natural sugars of the Viognier grape. Fermented in stainless steel for 18 months. Robust aromas of honeysuckle, melon and pearwith notes of almond.  In this very delicious, very potent “port”, this French Brandy fortified wine has a rich, velvety mouth feel and long finish. A perfect wine to finish a meal.


This rich ruby-red opulent wine has quickly become a favorite. Aged in French Oak for 5 years, this estate grown wine was fortified with French Brandy & a touch of Godiva Chocolate liqueur. Tones of chocolate, mocha, cedar and cigarbox has a nice long velvety-smooth finish. Need we say more?


A new creation of Muscadine. Fresh and fragrant, with distinctive style, this wine is fortified with French brandy and aged in stainless steel. Semi-sweet, 19.1% alcohol.

DOMINIONA medium bodied blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Petit Verdot, and 17% Merlot aged in French Oak for over 19 months. This wine is deep in color and has a rich aroma of dried fruits, berries, and nuanced oak. Estate Grown.



A full bodied, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of cherry, anise, dried fig, and leather. This wine is layered with flavor and aged for 19 months in French Oak. The silky mouthfeel has a long lingering finish. Estate Grown.



This dessert wine is fortified with French Brandy and is velvety smooth. It is semi-sweet wine with layers of blackberry, strawberry and other dark fruits as well as rich caramel and mocha aroma. French Oak aged for 2.5 years. 19.4% alcohol


MUSCADINE  Unique distinctive and well-structured wine that is surprisingly dry and refreshingly crisp. The winemaker’s style allows the sweetness of the grape to perfectly harmonize with its natural acidity. Stainless steel fermentation. A must try for those who think they don’t like Muscadine wines.

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